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The Department of National HR Development (DNHRD), Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) is pleased to announce support for online learning with two global online learning platforms, Coursera and edX. The support aims to enhance skill, knowledge and competencies of Bhutanese working in different economic sectors. A total of 500 slots are available for any in-service candidates working in the private, corporate, RCSC delinked, CSO, and other non-civil service agencies with effect from June 2022 to May 2023.

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Learning online can be a means to enhance your current skills and competencies in an area of your choice and relevant to you. With Coursera and edX, you have the option to choose from thousand of courses offered by globally reputed universities and industries, and complete training at your own convenient time.
Any in-service candidate working in the private, corporate, CSO, RCSC declinked, and any other non-civil service agencies are eligible for the support.
• Training hours (minimum 20 hrs)
• Course duration shouldn’t exceed 6 months (and course should completed by April 2023)
• Maximum reimbursement per course will not exceed USD 300
• TDD will support maximum of one course per person
On completion of the course, you can submit the reimbursement form online. Course Fee upto USD 300 + Data cost of Nu. 499

About Coursera and edX

• Both platforms provide courses from globally reputed universities and industries
• Both platforms provide certificate at the end of successful completion
• Easy access, registration, navigation, and use of platform
• Coursera is a U.S based online learning platform founded by Stanford University in 2012
• Coursera partners with more than 272 world class universities and companies
• Coursera in 2020 showed that about 87% of the people who learned for professional development actually had positive results to their career such getting promotions, pay raise or could start a new career
• All courses are certified by the university or the industry providing the course
To make a Coursera account:
1. Go to coursera.org.
2. At the top of the page, click Sign up. 3. Choose whether you want to provide a name, email, and password or link your Coursera account to your Facebook profile, Google account or Apple ID.
If you choose to create a new Coursera account with a name, email, and password, your password needs to be 8 characters or longer. Once you create your account, you can change your account settings any time.
• edX is a Cambridge, United States based E-Learning company founded by Havard and MIT and was launched in 2012
• It partners with 160 plus universities providing the world’s best quality courses
• 98 percent of the participants agreed that edX meets their needs, and 50 percent said that learning on edX actually changed their lives
• All courses are certified by the university providing the course
To make an EdX account:
1. Go to www.edx.org
2. Enter your email address; your full name (Your full name will appear on any certificates that you earn.)
3. Create a public username for the forums (cannot have spaces) Note: You cannot change your username once it has been created.
4. Create a password
5. Select your country
6. Select Create your account
When you find a course that interests you in the course catalog, you can enroll in the course by selecting the Enroll button on the course About page.
You can take up any subject/skills/areas relevant to your current job for duration ranging from a week (20 hours training) to 6 months.
You are required to indicate the course you are interested to take up during the registration process so that TDD can verify relevancy and provide approval.
1. Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles (Harvard University)
2. Engineering Project Management: Mastering Project Complexity (TU Delft)
3. Mathematical and Computational Methods (Georgetown University)
4. Cloud Application Development Foundations (IBM)
5. Data Analytic for Business (Georgia Tech)
6. Data Science: Probability (Harvard University)
7. Sustainable Building Design (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
8. Supply Chain Management (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
9. Procurement and Logistics Management, ISCEA
10. Building your screenplay (University of Cambridge)
11. Academic and business writing (Berkeley University of California)
12. Financial accounting and financial markets (University of Cambridge)
13. Business foundations (The University of British Columbia)
14. How to design a successful business model (TU Delft)
15. Risk management for projects (University of Adelaide)
16. Understanding Agribusiness, value chains, and consumers in global food system (University of Adelaide)
17. Managing high performing teams (University of Queensland)
18. The industry and profession in the construction management (University of Maryland)
19. Engineering project management (TU Delft)
20. Advance project management (University of Cape Town)
And many more...
1. Algorithm specialization (Stanford University)
2. The Manager's Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work (University of London)
3. Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work Specialization (University of Illinois)
4. Python 3 Programming Specialization (University of Michigan)
5. Data science fundamentals with Python and SQL (IBM)
6. Write a feature length screenplay for Film or Television (Michigan State University)
7. Script Writing: Write a Pilot Episode for a TV or Web Series (Michigan State University)
8. Digital channel planning and e-commerce strategy (Digital Marketing Institute)
9. Software architecture for Internet of Things (EIT Digital)
10. Cybersecurity (University of Maryland)
11. Fundamentals of network communications (University of Colorado System)
12. The economics of Agro-Food value chains (Technische Universität München)
13. Challenges of Agribusiness management (Università Bocconi)
14. Hotel Management: Distribution, Revenue and Demand Management Specialization (ESSEC Business School)
15. How to build an effective service company (IESE Business School)
16. FinTech: Finance industry transformation and regulation (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
17. Local Economic Development (Erasmus University)
18. FinTech: Foundations and Applications of financial technology (University of Pennsylvania)
19. Digital transformation in financial services (Copenhagen business school)
20. Business growth strategy (University of Virginia)
and many more…..



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