Department of Labour-This is to notify and inform the general public that the SHORT-TERM WORK PERMIT (E-Work Permit) is now being initiated by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources. The employers wishing to import foreign workers even for the duration less than 30 days should now compulsorily apply online through MoLHR-MIS with immediate effect. Besides the normal required documents, the individual/FWRA/employers should submit the medical clearance certificate of the foreigners obtained from the country of origin.This notification is referred to the approval of the night halt work permits only and for other categories and updates, MoLHR will keep notifying in future.

Press Release, DoT

The Department of Trade (DoT), Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment (MoICE) in collaboration with the International Trade Centre (ITC) is conducting a four-day training programme on Branding, Packaging, and Labeling at Hotel Tara Phendeyling, Thimphu from 23-26th January 2023.

This training programme follows a series of online seminars which have prepared 40 participant firms from the Cottage and Small Industries (CSIs) sector, including the Made in Bhutan and Grown in Bhutan beneficiaries, over the last two months. Mr. Pierre Berendes, Branding & Marketing Consultant with ITC is conducting the training programme.

The primary objective of the programme is to develop a greater ability to master aspects of branding and marketing communication among the CSIs including topics such as differentiation, visual identity, and brand personality, and developing convincing communication online and offline that is consistent with the Brand Bhutan positioning.  The workshop involves a commitment to practical exercises by each participating firms, supported by individual coaching.

The first two days (23 & 24th January 2023) of the training programme are for all 40 Cottage and Small Industries (CSIs) participants and covers all the fundamental aspects.  A selected group is retained for deeper study and individual support in sessions on the 25 & 26th January 2023, when the learning will be translated into a set of briefings toward an external design team who will support the companies to improve their communications materials and social media component of these companies.

The training and support programme is intended to seed improved marketing practices by the firms and open up potential in local, regional, and international markets and supply chains.

The programme is supported by the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF), a multilateral partnership organization dedicated to assisting LDCs to enable trade as an engine of growth.

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