This is to notify and inform the general public that the SHORT-TERM WORK PERMIT (E-Work Permit) is now being initiated by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment. The employers wishing to import foreign workers even for the duration less than 30 days should now compulsorily apply online through BLMIS with immediate effect. Besides the normal required documents, the individual/FWRA/employers should submit the medical clearance certificate of the foreigners obtained from the country of origin.This notification is referred to the approval of the night halt work permits only and for other categories and updates, MoICE will keep notifying in future.


The Training and Development Division (TDD), Department of National HR Development (DNHRD) and Department of Employment and Entrepreneurship (DoEE), Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) is pleased to announce fully funded scholarship tentatively for 12 candidates under the Asian Nursing Scholarship (ANS) for a 3-year full-time Nursing Diploma in Singapore with guaranteed employment in one of the public healthcare institutions in Singapore for 6 years.


  1. Full course fee and tuition grant;
  2. One way air ticket for the commencement of the course;
  3. One-time settling-in and study allowance of SGD 1,700 ($500 will disburse to the scholars on the date of arrival, remaining $1,200 will be within 1 month of arrival);
  4. Accommodation for 1st and *2nd year in Singapore will be provided *If students choose NOT to stay in hostel (with parents’ consent) provided by MOHH for 1st and 2nd year, NO housing allowance will be given;
  5. Students will receive S$350 housing allowance if 1st and 2nd year accommodation is not available;
  6. Monthly housing allowance for 3rd year in Singapore (SGD 500) as housing subsidy so that the candidates can stay close to the hospital that they are attached;
  7. Monthly allowance for three years of study (1st & 2nd Year: SGD$ 720, and 3rd Year: SGD 750);
  8. Medical and hospitalization benefits;
  9. Insurance coverage;
  10. Return air ticket after completion of the course and before commencement of work; and
  11. After they graduation the candidates will be certified by Singapore Nursing Board and the Nursing Certificate is recognized globally.

    Upon graduation, full Nursing Certificate will be conferred and to be employed in one of the Public Healthcare Institutions with starting salary of S$2,500


Any candidate (Male/Female) aged 18 years old to 25 years old and should be registered as job seeker on MoLHR Job Portal.


Year 10        :         Maths Results                 :         70 > above

Grade 12      :         English                            :         60 > above

                     :         One Science Subject      :         70 > above

                     :         2 others Subject              :         70 > above

Total 5 Subjects



MOHH reserves the right to terminate Agreement immediately in the event that the Scholar is:

  1. Convicted of any criminal offence or found guilty of professional misconduct or negligence
  2. Abandons course or has unsatisfactory performance during course, for example, pregnant during course or GPA scores below 2.0 for two consecutive semesters
  3. Working Part-time
  4. Expelled from course or polytechnic
  5. Unable to serve as a nurse (medical conditions)
  6. Cannot be employed in Singapore
  7. Dismissed from employment

Both Scholar and Sureties will be jointly liable for total expended benefits as set out in Item 5 of Schedule 1 of Agreement as follows:

  1. Administrative cost
  2. Maintenance allowance
  3. Airfare
  4. Housing benefit
  5. English course fees
  6. Medical benefits
  7. Tuition fees and tuition grant
  8. Uniform

Compounded with 10% per annum interest starting from the Arrival Date and compounded at the end of each academic year of the course up to the year of completion or termination of the course.

 Interested applicants may apply to the TDD, DNHRD latest by 31st August 2022.

Click here… to apply with the following documents:

  1. Pre-service HRD form (click here to download the form) along with scanned copies of Class 10 & 12 marksheet, CID and online security clearance.

The shortlisted candidates will be informed on the interview schedule via email or call.

For further information/inquiry, contact, Program Officer, Training and Development Division, DNHRD, MoLHR @ 330419/ 330787.


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